SPECIAL “Supernatural Law 101”

In this special one-shot to commemorate Exhibit A’s 10th anniversary, Batton will at last reveal how Alanna Wolff and Jeff Byrd first met. “Readers have been asking me for years when I’m going to tell the ‘origin story’ of Wolff and Byrd,” says Batton. “Well, this is it.” The issue takes place in law school,…

Issue 40 “13 Court Street”

The firm of Wolff & Byrd has moved back into its newly renovated offices, and everything is getting back to “normal.” The office is filled with clients of all shapes and sizes, so from a supernatural standpoint, business seems to be going well…but what earthly forces have Wolff and Byrd spooked?

Issue 33 “Huberis the Dybbuk”

As a potential client, Huberis the Dybbuk has both pluses and minuses. On the plus side, his case could be quite lucrative for the law firm (the diminutive demon is suing a church for not letting him join, even though he’s found God). On the minus side, he’s extremely misogynistic and will talk only to…

Issue 32 “Courting the Muse”

Wolff and Byrd represent a disgruntled muse who is tired of being used for more than inspiration! Also–now that the law offices have been destroyed by the rampaging Inevitable Hank, Mavis and Corey learn how difficult it can be to put things back in order! Plus: a cool pinup by Eisner Award-nominee Brian Michael Bendis!