Issue 44 “Wolff & Byrd: The Movie”

While they’re in Hollywood on behalf of their vampire client (see Supernatural Law #1 at the Box Office), Alanna Wolff and Jeff Byrd find out that a movie is being made based on their law firm. Who’s behind it? What’s got them frightened? You’ll need to read the issue to find out! Plus: guest pinups,…

Issue 41 “1st Amendment Issue”

First Amendment issues come to the fore in an unusual way in “The Works Speak for Themselves.” Alanna Wolff and Jeff Byrd are called in when works of art begin to talk, make chit-chat, and sound off! This special issue is being produced in conjunction with the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

SPECIAL “Supernatural Law 101”

In this special one-shot to commemorate Exhibit A’s 10th anniversary, Batton will at last reveal how Alanna Wolff and Jeff Byrd first met. “Readers have been asking me for years when I’m going to tell the ‘origin story’ of Wolff and Byrd,” says Batton. “Well, this is it.” The issue takes place in law school,…

Issue 40 “13 Court Street”

The firm of Wolff & Byrd has moved back into its newly renovated offices, and everything is getting back to “normal.” The office is filled with clients of all shapes and sizes, so from a supernatural standpoint, business seems to be going well…but what earthly forces have Wolff and Byrd spooked?