Comic Book People: Photographs from the 1970s and 1980s

Pages 160
Price 34.95
ISBN 978-0981551944
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This high-quality hardcover coffeetable book offers a unique peek at the early days of comics conventions before they were big pop culture events, when the giants of the industry mingled casually with their peers and fans. It features some 600 candid photos of comics creators taken by Jackie Estrada in the 1970s and 1980s, along with her commentary and anecdotes about each person. The candid photos depict not only Golden and Silver Age comic book greats and mainstream creators of the period, but also publishers and editors, underground and alternative cartoonists, big-name fans, comic strip cartoonists, animation directors and voice actors, science fiction and fantasy authors, and movie and TV celebrities.

Here’s what they’re saying about the book:

“This is the way it used to be…comic creators were accessible and willing to share the love we all had for their craft. Any one with a serious, or even casual, interest in the history of comic books needs a copy of Jackie’s book on their reference shelf.”–Steven Freidt

“Jackie captured us all and in a candid way while we were at our best. It was a heady time for creators and this was the show where we all met, celebrated and gave each other encouragement. If you were there, this will be a great memento of a time we will never see again. If you never made it to the show it will give you a guest seat amongst the movers and shakers, as well as us small time Indies struggling along with the others. Jackie has captured in pictures and words (how appropriate) a very special time in the history of comic books and put together for all of us to enjoy.”–Deni Loubert

“Having read Comic Book People and returned to it every couple days since because its images are so compelling, I can’t imagine this volume not being part of every serious comics fan and historian’s library. I give it my highest recommendation.”–Tony Isabella

“If you like comics, you must… MUST get this book. It is so great. The history in these pages is incredible. All that lost time from my youth could have been spent being a part of so much of this craziness, in a good way. You will not waste a penny by purchasing this book. I spent more than you will have to and i wish i had spent more than i did. yup. It’s that good. Get this. Enjoy this. Get a taste of the history that is comics.”–Aaron C.

“If you love comics, and the people who have created your favorite issues, then you will love this book!! This is a must have book for any serious student of comics and I mean all genres. Jackie Estrada, like no other person could, has brought everything together through her photographs and her insights.”–Robert W. Cox

“As soon as I heard about this book, I made sure I was going to get a copy. Not only is it an important document about the history of comic books and a time capsule of the times, it is a fun romp showing the more things change … the more things stay the same. This is a loving tribute. Thanks to Jackie Estrada. I will treasure this book and say a little prayer that you’ll get to do more.”–Dave Olbrich