Issue 10 “I’m Carrying Satan’s Baby”

Book Counselors of the Macabre: Case Files, Vol. 3
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Satan. Religious fundamentalists. Abortion. Yes, its another wacky, hilarious issue of Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre. In this takeoff on Rosemary’s Baby, a small-town girl discovers she’s carrying the devil’s child and decides to get an abortion. The fundamentalist townspeople get wind of the abortion plans and strongly voice their opposition. But then they learn that the fetus is the spawn of Satan: Do they want to be responsible for unleashing this devil-child upon the world? The legal issues are inconceivable, bringing attorneys Alanna Wolff and Jeff Byrd to the scene–where there’s bound to be hell to pay!

Special Bonus: Pinup of W&B by THB‘s Paul Pope!