Issue 16 “Sodd, We Hardly Knew Ye”

Book Counselors of the Macabre: Case Files, Vol. 4
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Pity poor Sodd, the Thing Called It. The former Herbert Moss was turned into a vegetative creature in a freak accident. Arrested for damaging public property, he has achieved notoriety and fame (his autobiography is being turned into a T.V. movie, and he’s even successfully defended a paternity suit) as his case has slowly made it’s way through the courts. When the day of his trial finally arrives, Sodd interrupts his attorney’s opening statement to make an impassioned plea for the environment — then flees the courtroom to join forces with the Terra-ists, a radical environmental group. Now, he’s a wanted fugitive, and what’s worse, his attorney’s are displeased with him!

Wolff and Byrd have been handling Sodd’s case since the first issue of their comic book (April, 1994). Now, in issue 16, Sodd’s story is finally coming to an end. Will he find true love with activist Fern Levine? Or will he end up withering on the vine in jail? And will he make enough money from his book and TV movie to pay for his legal fees?

To help wrap up the Sodd saga, Batton enlisted the talents of several popular artists (many of them known for their association with vegetative creatures). Steve Bissette’s portrayal of Sodd is featured on the special wraparound cover, while Rick Veitch has supplied a comic strip page. Other cartoonists contributing to the issue include Bernie Wrightson, Charles Vess, Sean McManus, Phil Hester, and Jeff Smith.