Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre: Supernatural Law

Pages 76
Price 7.95
ISBN 0-9633954-0-8
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This book collects 14 stories from the long-running weekly newspaper strip. Among those included: “The Rock ‘N’ Holy Roller,” in which a rock star and an evangelist switch minds; “Wonky, The Wonderful Widdle Cat,” the tale of a popular cartoon cat who escapes from the TV screen into the three diminsional world; “The Boogeyman,” who, says teenager Prima Donner, is the cause of all her misbehavior; “The Once and Future Lawsuit,” in which Merlin’s secrets are invoked to bring forth a demon of commerce; “Lawyers in Hell,” referring to when Wolff and Byrd must literally go to hell to confer with a client; “Wolff Goes Home,” in which Alanna encounters romance as well as a mysterious town not unlike Lake Woebegon; and “Beauty and the Breach,” an irreverent poke at TV’s Beauty and the Beast TV show.