Fans just can’t get enough of Mavis!
Mavis #1
Taking phone calls from banshees, setting midnight appointments for vampires, cleaning up the waiting area after a visit from a swamp monster — they’re all in a days work for Mavis Munro, secretary to Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre. But now, in her first ever solo comic book, she’s got to face the things that really scare her: relatives, friends, and a marriage proposal!This all-ages one-shot evokes Archie-style comics and the popular “gal” comics of the 1940’s and 1950’s, such as Patsy Walker and Mille the Model.

Along with the self-contained story, readers will be treated to Mavis paperdolls by Barbie artist (and longtime Katy Keene aficionado) Barb Rausch, and pinups by the likes of Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise).

“In coming up with the idea of this comic, I was definitely inspired by the great Dan DeCarlo,” says writer/artist Batton Lash. “I’ve also always wanted to put Mavis in the spotlight and give readers a little more insight into her personal life.”

Lash doesn’t want to give too much away about the story, but he says readers can expect antics in the W&B law offices, a graveyard, and, scariest of all, Mavis’s hometown of Astoria, Queens.

Mavis #2
This issue is devoted to Mavis’s working from 9 to 5 — p.m. to a.m., that is! Being a secretary to counselors of the macabre gives a whole new meaning to “working the graveyard shift.” In addition to dealing with Buford the “vampire brat, Mavis endures frustation in her social life. Also included are Mavis pinups by Jon “Bean” Hastings (Smith Brown Jones), Jimmie Robinson (Evil and Malice), and Chris Smigliano (CBG’s “Art for Art’s Sake”).
Mavis #3
The World’s Greatest Secretary is beside herself in this, her third solo outing! Featuring a super-cool cover by Betty and Veronica’s Dan DeCarlo and inker Bob Smith! Plus: A summer fun back cover by Bill Morrison (Roswell, The Simpsons)!And that’s not all–as a bonus, there are terrific pin-ups of Mavis by Mike Kunkel (Herobear and the Kid), Billy Martinez (Wildflower), Alex Robinson (Box Office Poison), and Lea Hernandez (Cathedral Child, Rumble Girls)!
Mavis #4
Wolff & Byrd’s intrepid secretary goes forth–in her fourth solo issue, featuring four all-new stories! See Mavis at work and play, from dusk to dawn, with monsters, friends, and lovers! Featuring a supercool cover by Jaime Hernandez (Love & Rockets) and a gallery of guest pinups, plus a cool cubist back cover by the fabulous Mary Fleener!
Mavis #5
“Weird Eye for the Normal Guy”It’s about time! This is the first new Mavis issue in a while, and it’s a goodun’! Mavis gets to leave work early for once and plans to spend the evening with her main squeeze, Taylor Christopher. But she has forgotten a prior promise to an old high school friend to attend a birthday party for the friend’s “problem child” brother. Mavis and Taylor decide to drop in on the party just to put in an appearance — but the evening takes a weird turn that nobody could have expected! Special appearance by regular Wolff & Byrd clients The Creeps.

Batton Lash and Jessica Harper

few years ago, Batton had the opportunity to meet the inspiration for Mavis, actress Jessica Harper. Now a children’s book author, Ms. Harper was doing a reading at a book fair in Chicago the same weekend that Batton and Jackie were in town for Book Expo America. Batton was thrilled to meet Jessica and tell her that he had partially based his “World’s Greatest Secretary” on the character she had played in the 1982 Peter O’Toole comedy “My Favorite Year.”