Issue 3 “Short Stories”

Book Counselors of the Macabre: Case Files, Vol. 1
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In this change-of-pace issue we go behind the scenes at the law offices as well as see Alanna and Jeff tackle three separate cases. In “The Zombies Strike at Midnight,” workers at the voodoo doll plant consult W&B in their labor dispute with their black magic-wielding boss. Sodd, the Thing Called It, is back in “Court of Public Opinion.” Then Wolff & Byrd’s secretary, Mavis, has a scary experience on the streets of New York while the counselors themselves experience “Things That Go Bump in the Night … And Day.” Finally, “The Man Who Broke the Laws of Gravity (and Landed in Court)” is Professor Lowell M. Rose, who has learned to levitate and now feels he is above it all, even the legal system.