Issue 4 “A Host of Horrors”

Book Counselors of the Macabre: Case Files, Vol. 1
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When 1950’s horror host “The Bier-Meister” is tapped to host a new show on EEK!, the All-Horror Channel, parents’ groups try to get the program squelched. Wolff and Byrd end up having to spring the Beir-Meister from jail, deal with the spirit of a 1950’s anti-horror crusader, battle do-gooders from the present, and endure the endless recountings of old EC-style horror stories. The comic addresses issues of censorship in popular culture and explores the old vs. the new in concepts of “horror.” Added attraction: the first appearance of Niles Pib, British writer of novels and comics, known for creating “The Somnambulist.”