The Comics!

I want to give a plug to one of my favorite comics-related publications, Robin Snyder’s The Comics! Since 1990, Robin produced this monthly zine, dedicated to being a first-person history of the medium. Robin is no stranger to comics– among his credits are editing and writing for DC, Archie, and Western Publishing. Over the years he has published recollections, correspondences, and essays by such comics luminaries as Robert Kanigher, George Gladir, Alex Toth, Jerry DeFuccio, Gary Kato, Vince Fago, Craig Flessel (who designed and illustrated The Comics! logo) and many more. There has been rare sketches by Shelly Mayer, Stan Goldberg, and Ric Estrada among others. And a frequent contributor to The Comics! is Steve Ditko, whose latest work is published by Robin. The Comics! Christmas editions are always a treat.

I was motivated to write this after reading Robin’s editorial column in the recent issue (cover dated March, 2015). Titled “Revising The Past,” it should be must-reading for all comics historians (or any kind of historian, for that matter!). Agree with him? Disagree? I have no doubt that Robin would want hear what you think.

You can order The Comics! directly from Robin Snyder, 3745 Canterbury Lane #81, Bellingham, WA 98225-1186. A 12-issue subscription is $30 USA, $37 foreign.THE COMICS!