The Monsters Meet on Court Street

Pages 176
Price 18.95
ISBN 978-0981551913
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The Monsters Meet on Court Street is volume 6 in this ongoing graphic novel series. In this collection of stories, Alanna Wolff and Jeff Byrd represent a wide variety of clients, from a mad scientist who falls in love with a woman in another dimension, to a gangster gorilla boss, to a tycoon’s childhood invisible friend. Readers also learn more about the personal lives of the attorneys and of their intrepid secretary, Mavis, who has her own adventure with a runaway robot. Contents including issues 30, 37, 38, 39, and 40 of Batton Lash’s Supernatural Law comic book series as well as Mavis #4 and 20 all-new pages.

“This book really is fun, an ingredient that many comic book creators forget to add these days. In that respect Supernatural Law is a love letter to the funny books that they don’t make so much anymore, and should be praised all the more for it. So whether you’re a fan of the funnybooks of old or the cutting-edge sequential storytelling of today, you’ll find something to thrill at and enjoy and cherish in The Monsters Meet on Court Street.”
— Jonathan Ross, from the Introduction