Mister Negativity and Other Tales of Supernatural Law

Pages 176
Price 10.00
ISBN 0-9633954-8-3
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This volume contains SL issues 31-36 and (the now out-of-print) Mavis #3. The clients represented in this collection include the title character (he’s got such a bad attitude that he actually turns negative and begins to repel everything around him), Huberis the Dybuk (a misogynistic demon who sues to be accepted for church membership), and “Steven Gink” (a horror author in a coma). Batton was nominated for the 2003 Harvey Special Award for Humor for the issues in this collection, and Supernatural Law #35 (which features the critically acclaimed silent story “Words Can’t Do IT Justice”) was nominated for Best Single Issue. List price is $14.95, but online price is $10.00!

Introduction by Tom DeHaven