San Diego Comic Fest 2019

March 7-10, 2019: San Diego Comic Fest, Four Points by Sheraton: Jackie was a special guest at the 7th annual Comic Fest. Other guests include Sergio Aragonés, James Robinson, Mary Fleener, Shannon Wheeler, Greg Bear, Lalo Alcarez, Anina Bennett, Paul Guinan, Allen Bellman, and many other all-time greats.

There was a lovely “Remembering Batton Lash” panel in which many friends spoke about Batton and what he meant to them.

Bob Foster and Mark Evanier

Steve Rude and Bill Stout

Joe Phillips in one of his many personas (with Dean LaCrone)
Yep, that’s Joe, too
William F. Nolan
Shannon Wheeler, Steve Leialoha, Trina Robbins, Mary Fleener.
PK Sharp-Garcia with a classic SLaw T