The Soddyssey, And Other Tales of Supernatural Law

Pages 192
Price 17.95
ISBN 978-0-9815519-0-6
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At last, the “missing” volume from the Supernatural Law series of trade paperbacks. This book collects issues 9-16 of the original Wolff & Byrd comic book series. Chronologically, it falls after Tales of Supernatural Law and before Sonovawitch! As with Tales, the stories in this collection have been “remastered,” including complete relettering and retoning. The stories include: “The * Files” (parodying, of course, The X Files), “I’m Carrying Satan’s Baby,” “Strange Bedfellows,” “I Married a Sniveling Blob of Jelly,” “The Man Who Had His Own Personal Laugh Track,” “Personal Injuries and Guardian Angels” (with Jack Benny as the guardian angel), “Triskaidekaphobia” (in which perennial client Sodd finally goes on trial), “Bad Blood” (a takeoff on Anne Rice), “The Statue of Limitations,” “The Returns of Roger Rizzolli,” “The Littlest Loup Garou,” and the whole conclusion to the Sodd story, “Sodd, We Hardly Knew Ye.” To view a free pdf of one of the stories in the book (“Triskaidekaphobia”), just click here.